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What is TMS therapy for anxiety? If you are struggling with anxiety, there are ways you can try to reduce your dependence on medication and better control your symptoms. TMS is an effective and promising treatment option for anxiety relief in the Brooklyn area.

anxiety tms therapy brooklyn

What is TMS therapy for anxiety?

TMS therapy is a unique outpatient treatment that stimulates the brain in specific regions, like the prefrontal cortex, to help improve mood and control anxiety symptoms. A physical coil is placed over the head, and certain parts of the brain that might not be receiving correct electrical signals or blood flow are stimulated with Magnetic pulses.

A recent review examined the use of TMS therapy for anxiety, depression, OCD, Trauma, and other disorders. While the findings did not confirm that TMS would be an effective treatment in isolation, it can still be a part of an overall, comprehensive form of treatment that might also involve:

  1. Therapy
  2. Medication
  3. At-home remedies

How is TMS therapy used to treat anxiety?

TMS places a coil in different places on your head to deliver an electrical impulse to the nerve cells in the outer layer of your brain. These impulses can create changes in cellular activity to help control anxiety.

There are several benefits of TMS therapy for anxiety:


TMS is non-invasive. There are no needles or surgery. It is an outpatient procedure that is relatively fast and painless.

Non-drug-based treatment

Many people who struggle with anxiety hesitate to rely on medication to control symptoms, let alone take medication for acute symptom management. TMS therapy for anxiety can help reduce the need to use medication.

Targeted stimulation

With targeted stimulation, you can achieve better results by reaching deeper neurons in the brain fold that have a bigger impact on your anxiety and mood.

Minimal disruption to daily life

As an outpatient procedure, there is minimal disruption to daily life. Sessions are relatively short.

Long-term relief

TMS provides long-term relief for those who participate in customized programs involving the number of necessary sessions for individual cases. Anxiety comes in many forms and severities, which is why it’s important to get a personalized recommendation for the program that will provide you with the best long-term relief.


As an outpatient procedure, TMS for anxiety is nonsedating. This means you don’t need someone to drive you to and from your appointments, and it doesn’t disrupt how you feel throughout the day, leaving you fuzzy like sedation would.


TMS treatment is FDA-approved. Several studies have shown that it is highly effective in treating things like:

  1. Depression
  2. OCD
  3. Anxiety
  4. Addiction
  5. Migraines
  6. Trauma

Complementary to Other Therapies

As is the case with most treatments, TMS for anxiety is most effective when combined with other therapies. Things like regular talk therapy can help you explore contributing factors from your past that have led to anxiety disorders or personalized triggers that might exacerbate symptoms, while TMS sessions can help you reduce those symptoms.

Common concerns and misconceptions about TMS therapy for anxiety

Some people struggling with anxiety still hesitate to use TMS therapy in Brooklyn because of the common concerns and misconceptions many clients have.

Will TMS therapy for anxiety hurt?

Many people worry about the pain when looking for TMS therapy in Brooklyn based. However, it’s a common misconception that their sessions are painful. Pain is highly individualized, and those clients who feel something odd usually describe it as initial discomfort during the first few sessions, which goes away with time.

TMS won’t work for serious conditions

With TMS in Brooklyn, clients can get help even for treatment-resistant conditions. Because of our unique patented coil, a broader area of your brain can be targeted.

TMS requires surgery

TMS in Brooklyn is an outpatient process, meaning you never need surgery or any invasive procedure. Nothing penetrates the skin. Instead, you sit comfortably in a chair while the magnetic coil is placed over your head and impulses are sent into your brain.

TMS in Brooklyn takes too much time

The sessions are relatively short when you work with a provider who uses a unique coil with a slow decay rate. The short sessions mean you can receive several sessions per week over the span of several months without significantly interrupting your daily schedule.

Moreover, recent studies found that a minimum of five sessions for generalized anxiety disorder is enough to see improvement.

tms treatment for anxiety

Tips on finding and choosing a TMS therapy provider in Brooklyn

If you are ready to start TMS therapy for anxiety, choosing the right provider is still important. When searching for TMS therapy for anxiety near you, there are some key questions you want to ask potential providers:

What type of coil do you use?

Knowing the type of coil used is important because not all coils are the same. Our facility’s coils don’t fall short of the target region, which means your sessions are more likely to activate areas like the prefrontal cortex structures.

Is the rate of decay fast?

With TMS in Brooklyn, you want a facility with a slow decay rate. A fast decay rate means the impulses die off before they can reach the target areas. But at our facility, with a slow rate of decay, we can target the neurons that are deep in your brain, more receptive to the stimulation associated with TMS.

How many sessions do I need?

This is highly individualized. Some people receive between 20 sessions and 40 sessions. It’s important that you work with a healthcare provider if you are also receiving other forms of anxiety treatment or on medication to ensure collaboration with your TMS provider in Brooklyn.

Summing Up

TMS therapy stimulates a wider and deeper brain region without invasive procedures. By simply visiting a facility and undergoing magnetic stimulation on top of your scalp, you can potentially reduce your Reliance on medication, enjoy outpatient treatment and activate deeper regions of the brain responsible for exacerbating anxiety.

If you are struggling with anxiety, don’t be afraid to reach out to LifeQualityTMS for more information on how TMS in Brooklyn can help you.