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At LifeQuality TMS in the Brooklyn Heights section of downtown Brooklyn just steps away from the MetroTech Center we offer DeepTMS (dTMS) treatment by Brainsway, the only dTMS device with the latest TMS technology. TMS treatments are administered by our professionally trained staff in a safe, healthy and relaxing environment. You will be under the constant supervision of our in-house psychiatrists in close collaboration with your own providers. At LifeQuality TMS we want to give you back your quality of life and unshackle you from the constant burden of your depression.


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You are not alone!

We have seen too many patients go from medication to medication with varying results and with never-ending side-effects.

Excellent easy-to-get-to location:
We are based in downtown Brooklyn at 26 Court Street. A major hub for public transportation with easy access to many buses, and subway lines.

If you are struggling with depression, and medications are ineffective or you are experiencing any side-effects, we urge you to schedule your FREE phone consultation with our clinical coordinator to learn more about how Deep TMS Therapy can help to get your depression in remission and get your quality of life back.

Call LifeQuality TMS at 718-4000-TMS, 718 400 0867 for a free consultation, and to have all of your questions answered.

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