Dr. Vsevolod Rudoy
Certified TMS Practitioner
Dr. Vsevolod Rudoy

Dr. Vsevolod Rudoy, MD is a dedicated and fully licensed psychiatrist serving the NYC community with over 20 years of medical experience. Dr. Rudoy understands the uniqueness of each patient’s situation and uses his experience and continued learning to provide outstanding medication management therapy to promote healthy living and a better quality of life for his clients.

Personal experience

Dr. Rudoy is reliable and dedicated to his patients and works in collaboration with them to identify the most effective treatment plan, with consultations being catered appropriately to accommodate each individual’s needs and concerns, so that they can meet their full potential.

Dr. Rudoy has been trained and certified in TMS therapy which he delivers with the help of his trained and professional team in his offices at Life Quality TMS. He personally supervises the treatment and collaborates with the patients’ psychiatrists and other healthcare providers to assure the best treatment is delivered, with the most optimal results.

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