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Dr. Jay Schiff

Jay Schiff LMSW and Life Quality TMS coordinator, is a clinician practicing psychotherapy. Jay specializes in working with people who struggle from anxiety, depression and OCD utilizing CBT directed orientations. Jay also works with couples in marriage therapy.

Personal experience

In a psychotherapy clinic that he helped run, Jay witnessed hundreds of patients struggling with depression for whom medication management was either not helping, or for whose quality of life was negatively affected by the medication.
Jay was first exposed to TMS therapy when his client was referred to it by his psychiatrist. After seeing the positive turnaround in the client’s symptoms of depression, Jay spent a year researching and learning this new technological method of treating depression. Jay has since begun referring his clients for TMS treatments and is seeing above average positive results, with almost no accompanying side effects.

Jay has since opened up a TMS center with Dr. Rudoy and together they and their team have been trained and certified in the use of TMS therapy, to help deliver relief to hundreds of medication resistant patients in the surrounding Brooklyn neighborhoods who suffer from depression.
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