What is TMS?

TMS therapy in Staten Island is a non-invasive, painless procedure that has been shown to help many patients with depression where other forms of treatment have failed. TMS treatment is FDA-approved and utilizes a magnetic device on the patient’s head to gently stimulate the brain’s nerve cells.

TMS for depression treatment session
Benefits of TMS - Video

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a technological breakthrough in the treatment of depression.

As technology advances researchers are finding more ways to treat illnesses in the brain without medications.

During the TMS procedure, the patient wears a padded helmet which activates the magnetic pulses. These repeated magnetic wave pulses reach the areas of the brain which are affected by the patient’s particular illness.

How it works

TMS offered in Staten Island can help treat clinical depression, anxiety disorders, addictions, and PTSD. It involves applying light magnetic pulses that pass through the scalp and trigger specific brain regions. Higher frequency pulses tend to promote brain activity whereas lower frequency pulses tend to relax it. Mood and behavior may be positively altered. Patients are awake and attentive during a TMS session. Each patient will respond to therapy differently with some experiencing slight headaches or tingling on the scalp. There is no specific preparation before the process and no recovery period required afterwards.

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LifeQuality TMS strives to offer the very best treatment technologies, and our exceptional facilities are no different. We provide a first-class experience and innovative treatment programs specializing in TMS therapy in Staten Island. With leading experts in mental health conditions, our team has extensive experience treating conditions such as major depression, smoking cessation, and anxiety. Along with clinical excellence, our facilities are warm, welcoming, and purpose-built, so every patient feels comfortable and at home.

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Our new dTMS device will go deeper and cover more area than traditional TMS, providing better results.


We now have the only device approved by the FDA and covered by insurance for OCD.

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Smoking cessation has recently been approved by the FDA for our Brainsway device. Talk to us about your addictions.

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